• Vincent Alexandr

    Vincent Alexandr

    My name is Vincent. I’m a security & tech researcher Website: https://theadaptation.tech/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=59627131

  • vikingosegundo


    Freelance Software Developer and Code Strategist, currently working on a book about the Declarative Paradigm. Want to publish me? Get in contact!

  • Kiran Rangaiah Shashi

    Kiran Rangaiah Shashi

  • Cheikh Badiane

    Cheikh Badiane

    Data Analyst with 4 years of experience collecting and analysing every kind of data for high-earning companies. Dynamic data and web analyst, organizational, an

  • Marco Lüthy

    Marco Lüthy

    Hi there! I’m Marco. I write mostly about software development, sometimes about books I’ve read, and occasionally something else to keep things interesting.

  • Richard Bell

    Richard Bell

    Father to a beautiful baby girl | Husband to a generous wife | Lead Software Engineer | Hobby collector | Support me at ko-fi.com/richardtbell

  • International News Update

    International News Update


  • Amay Tavanandi

    Amay Tavanandi

    Having developed a number of new software products over the years, within large corporates, I understand the challenges that can arise.

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