Today is a special day for me

Even though I still wonder whether it is a realistic goal or not

Participate and win a T-Shirt by contributing to your favorite open source projects!

I wonder if you recognize yourself in these words

An inclusive open-source community to learn about web development and chess

Don’t be intimidated by your first PR

Be a rock star ninja!

Imagine you can win any argument and get what you want

Does the following sound like you?

  • You are struggling with time pressure on a regular basis and want to renegotiate an unrealistic deadline.
  • A legacy codebase has been assigned to you. No one understands how it works because of bad code and technical debt.
  • The work of an underperforming colleague makes you feel frustrated.

Remember to install the Redux DevTools extension helper for further customization

In theory vs in practice

Browsers without the Redux DevTools extension installed just complained…

I unleashed my imagination and wrote a bullshit piece

Chess positions are encoded as a combination of numbers between -1 and 1

Writing a chess position as a combination of evaluation features

  • Attacking
  • Capture
  • Defensive
  • In-between, intermezzo, or zwischenzug
  • Opening
  • Promotion
  • Prophylactic
  • Quiet
  • Recapture
  • Sacrifice
  • Tactical
  • Zugzwang

A mystery on data science with no scientific reason

Jordi Bassaganas

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